The Benefits of Planting Trees


In the face of uncontrolled logging and forest fires such as the recent deadly fires in the amazon  the decision to plant a tree is not only to have a nice decoration. It is one of the action to help our environment. Knowing the benefits of planting trees is crucial to protect the planet. 

Know the benefits of planting trees:

They release water vapor that purifies, refreshes and moistens the air.
In large masses they work as noise absorbers.
They retain the dust particles that float in the air.
Fix atmospheric CO2 and transform oxygen.
Trees function as small ecosystems, where animals and insects live and interact with each other.
Help retain rainwater, allowing it to filter into aquifers, preventing droughts and floods.
Protect the soil, preventing its wear and tear and erosion.
Improve any landscape.
Form fertile soils and regenerate their nutrients.
Keep rivers clean.

As you can see, planting trees brings many benefits. If you are interested in tree planting for your property we recommend you contact several St. Charles landscaping companies. You want to get several quotes before you make a decision. Additionally you want to inform yourself where the trees are coming from and how they are going to be planted. By doing so you will be assured a healthier long lasting tree. If you are ready to enhance your landscape with tree planting don’t hesitate to contact us. Our St. Charles landscaping experts can provide you with answers to common questions.